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BRMA Property Management Plan

The Rhode Island Water Resources Board (WRB) is developing a Property Management Plan for the Big River Management Area (BRMA) that is designed to preserve water quality and quantity to ensure it can be used as a drinking water source in perpetuity. The BRMA plan has an estimated completion date of November 2024. The BRMA was established and is protected for management and development as a future drinking water source for the State of Rhode Island. Although public drinking water supply areas are often closed to the public, the BRMA remains open for limited recreational activities. As such, the WRB, in partnership with the RI Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) and the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), needs to ensure recreational uses in the BRMA are managed in a way that preserves the purity of the water source. The Property Management Plan will evaluate access points, security, roads, trails, natural resources, and land management practices to preserve water quality and equitable use of the BRMA. Stakeholders and the public will have opportunities to comment throughout the developmental stages of the project and on the draft plan, anticipated in the Fall of 2024.

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